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You are on sacred grounds.

behave accordingly.


Gavin bond x black jaguar white Tiger

This collaborative project was created in support of the incredible work done by Eduardo Serio with the Black Jaguar - White Tiger Foundation. Its sole purpose is to engage, educate, and raise awareness in benefit of the BJWT organization and support the rescue and care of the extraordinary animals at the Mexico City sanctuary.

Premiere Collection exhibition

New York City 11/2018
Los Angeles 2019
Miami 2019
London 2019


Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition photographs of the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation’s felines, as captured by internationally renowned photographer — Gavin Bond. Support the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation with your very own print!

*Proceeds benefit the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation


To donate any amount to the foundation, follow the link below:

Our MISSION is to rescue big felines
from cruel circumstances and provide
them with the best lifestyle possible:
A life governed by LOVE and RESPECT.
Our mission is to also educate others
to respect all living beings and to treat them
with both love and kindness.

- Eduardo Serio, Founder Black Jaguar white Tiger