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A word from Eduardo Serio

“The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation is an answer to animal cruelty all around the world. Since our very first rescue, we hoped that the whole world could see how wonderful and complex the personality of a big feline is. Our most fundamental concept arose from the magical words of Jacques Cousteau: "You only protect what you LOVE."

From these words and their logic, we have tried and succeeded in changing the way in which millions of people around the world think and feel about lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars. We give them a deeper look into the intimate world of these species. We have shown the world through our photographs and videos how a lion can be playful, sad, happy, afraid, possessive, full of love, or simply when they act like a tough and normal lion.”



The collaboration between Gavin Bond, Black Jaguar - White Tiger, and Axiom Fine Art was brought together by two beautiful & dynamic souls, Sonja Nuttall and Kelly Bensimone, who are driven by their desire to make the world a better place. Kelly engaged Axiom during a tour of a luxury property in Manhattan and was moved by the curatorial eye of the Axiom team. As a creative and brilliant connector of like-minded people, she shared her dear friend Sonja Nutall, a serial entrepreneur and creative force, who saw the synergy that Axiom could bring to the Black Jaguar - White Tiger Foundation through the captivating photography of Gavin Bond. Thoughtful and intentional conversations ensued around shared values and ideals, and plans were created to support the vision of Eduardo Serio through special events around the world featuring an exclusive collection of photography by Gavin Bond.

As Margaret Mead brilliantly stated,

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed, citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”



On a personal level, Gavin is a huge proponent of “giving back” and has donated work to many charities. Gavin met Eduardo Serio while on an assignment for GQ Mexico in 2003 and was captivated by Eduardo’s relationship, commitment, and relentless dedication to saving and rehabilitating these majestic felines from otherwise, deplorable circumstances.

“The relationship Eduardo possesses with his animals is unparalleled to any other. They trust him and this is wonderful to witness. I have been traveling back and forth to Mexico City documenting the ‘Black Jaguar White Tiger’ Foundation ever since.”
- Gavin Bond


It takes a village to raise a lion

The rescue and care of wild animals is not a simple task to undertake. It takes a team of dedicated individuals and sufficient funding to keep Black Jaguar White Tiger running at maximum efficiency. Curious about how much it takes to “raise a lion?” Here’s a breakdown of BJWT’s typical monthly expenses to rescue and care for the myriad of animals under their protection:

Food USD 66,000

  • Approximately 70 tons of chicken

  • Approximately 2.5 tons daily

Security USD 22,500

  • 10 Policemen

  • 3 Patrols

Veterinarians and Assistants USD 10,000

  • 3 Veterinarians

  • 2 Assistants

Medicine USD 4,500

  • Vitamins

  • General and special medicines

Rescue Transportation USD 6,000

  • Animal rescue and transportation to the sanctuary

Habitat Construction and improvement USD 35,000

  • 40 tons of concrete

  • 10,000 blocks

  • 50 rolls of mesh

  • Sand and Gravel

  • General Materials



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AXIOM Marketing Director
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Livio Damiano
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